Libs of TikTok shares video of individual who uses ‘god’ as a pronoun: ”God’ is me validating my agender-ness’

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Libs of TikTok shared a video in which an individual discussed using “god” as a pronoun.

“‘God’ is me validating my agender-ness,” the person noted in the video, before going on to state, “I don’t view myself as a god. I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in gods.”

The individual claimed not to have a gender and said that “it’s like I’m existing” as well as “not existing at the same time — god” and “I am a being” but also “not a being … like god.”

“People can get offended. That’s fine, but nothing else validates my agender-ness like that pronoun,” the person said.

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“This is a crazy person. Plain and simple. Also the peroxide q-tipping is gross,” Republican Party of Arizona chair Kelli Ward tweeted in response to the video that Libs of TikTok had highlighted.

The bizarre discussion of pronouns featured in the video reflects yet another example of the seemingly bottomless abyss of radical leftist gender ideology that has become a disturbing and absurd aspect of modern society.

Libs of TikTok regularly shares video footage of individuals promoting such ideology — for example, the account recently shared a video that featured an individual who discussed using “ne,” “nem,” and “nir” as pronouns — the person described the terms as “a gender-neutral pronoun set.” The individual provided example sentences such as, “Ne went to the market with nir friends who love nem” and “That is nem, over there.”

Many prominent left-wing politicians include their preferred pronouns on social media. To note several examples, Vice President Kamala Harris lists “She/her” on her @KamalaHarris Twitter account, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York includes “She/her” on her @AOC Twitter account, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg includes “he/him” on his @PeteButtigieg and @SecretaryPete Twitter accounts.

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