The Left ALWAYS Projects: Now They Claim Trump Wants to ‘End the Republic’

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The Democrats have a long history of accusing Trump of doing what they themselves have done. Let’s see how many I can jot down in 30 seconds: Go!

“Trump is a dictator” vs. Biden wanted you fired for not taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Trump is an election-results denier!” vs. “Trump cheated Hillary in 2016!”

Trump colluded with Russia!” vs. Hillary and the DNC literally paid Christopher Steele for the bogus Russian dossier.

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“Trump is divisive.” vs. “Half of Trump’s voters are a basket of deplorables” and “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Time’s up, but let me add one more: We know the Democrats, including Gropey Joe Biden’s White House, were in on the historic histrionic, potentially illegal raid at Mar-a-Lago which very possibly (likely?) violates Trump’s Fourth Amendment rights, despite accusing Trump of shredding the Constitution every month of his presidency as of November 2017.

My point is this: The left has a proven history of being guilty of whatever they accuse Trump of doing, so when they say Trump is trying to “end the Republic” and “Trump stole nuclear secrets,” we need to pay attention.

Trump didn’t just vote to hire 87,000 IRS agents; the Democrats did that. Why do the feds suddenly need so much more street muscle? This sounds a little Gestapo-ish to me.

We’ve also learned that Biden’s White House leaned on Twitter to kick anti-vaxxer Alex Berenson off of Twitter for not toeing the party line lie.

FACT-O-RAMA! Hitler had paramilitary groups for DAYS, including but not limited to the Gestapo and the  S.S. both of which spied on and arrested people. Hitler’s SA (think Antifa) had three million members before Hitler “dissolved” it and brought many of the members to the S.S. There was also the Ordnungspolizei (ORPO), Sicherheitspolizei (SiPo), and the Kriminalpolizei (Kripo), all of which were armed law enorcement forces loyal to the Nazis.

Let’s not forget that Biden’s FBI just decided that anyone flying a Betsy Ross flag is a potential “violent militia extremist” (VME). They are coming after patriotic Americans who want to preserve the republic, not end it.

FACT-O-RAMA! Traditionally patriotic flags are now signs of being “anti-government” but BLM and Antifa flags didn’t make the list. Concerned parents who show up to school board meetings are now “domestic terrorists.”

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What Have We Learned?

Biden is chewing up the Constitution to take out Trump, his strongest political opponent (like Stalin, Hitler, and every other dictator in history has done). Biden’s FBI believes concerned parents and flag-waiving patriots, neither of whom are likely to vote for Gropey Joe, are “suddenly” enemies of the state. Tell me again how Trump is trying to “end the republic”? That’s not what I’m whiffing.

I’m not sure where the “nuclear secrets” angle comes in but let’s see what happens with Ukraine and China. Both countries likely have some pretty serious dope on the Biden crime family, and nothing would shock me at this point.

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