Reporter asks James O’Keefe if using ‘deception’ during an investigation is OK, and his response is PERFECT

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We live in an era when information is at our fingertips, and the truth is under attack more than ever. Project Veritas journalists and the whistleblowers who come forward in the name of truth experience trauma many cannot comprehend. Truth is a dangerous business, and the mainstream media does not take too kindly to investigative journalists who threaten their stronghold on the going narrative. These brave patriots face backlash from corrupt organizations and politicians that range from the New York Times writing a hit piece about the journalist to being arrested by the FBI.

If you are sure there is a problem with journalism but have yet to pinpoint the exact problem, look no further. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas told C-SPAN’s Peter Slen and discussed the ethics of so-called deceptive investigative tactics used by Project Veritas’ journalists.

The clip began with Slen asking O’Keefe if it Is okay to deceive a subject during an investigation. O’Keefe gave a two-part answer: You either deceive the target and tell the truth to your audience, or you do not deceive the subject and risk disseminating false information.

O’Keefe quoted ethicist Lous Hodges who argues that journalists have a moral imperative to deceive their subjects if they intend to do investigative reporting. He added that it is a worse deception to claim to do investigative reporting when the journalist wants to read off of a teleprompter and believe everything the subject says.

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Watch the clip for more details.

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