Dollars & dissent: Countering woke destruction with a NEW economy

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The blurring of government, Big Tech, Big Finance, and left-wing ideology has created a “woke industrial complex” that does not tolerate dissent. So if conservatives can’t participate in the economy without being flagged or harassed, it’s time to create a new “parallel economy” where everyone is welcome.

On Glenn TV Wednesday, Glenn Beck sits down with fellow pioneers of the parallel economy to discuss what’s being created and what must happen next: Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, whose company Strive Asset Management is sending an ultimatum to woke investors like BlackRock; “The Right Stuff” co-founder Daniel Huff, who’s creating a dating app without the leftist nonsense; and BlazeTV contributor Eric July, whose new comic book company Rippaverse Comics is taking Marvel and DC by storm.

Watch the full episode below:

[embedded content]

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