Hollywood Actors Among 25 American Citizens Permanently Banned By Kremlin


1. Matthew S. Axelrod-Deputy Minister of Trade

2. Bruce Bodin- Senior Vice President, Mosaic

3. David Boyd Burritt- Executive Director of the metallurgical concern “U-ES steel”

4. Daniel P. Vadich- head of a lobbying firm “Yorktown Solutions”

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5. Paul GOBL (Paul A. Goble)-Fellow at the World Policy Institute

6. Lorenco Gonsalves- President, Cleveland Cliffs Mining Company

7. Don Graves-Deputy Minister of Trade

8. Ryota Jonen- director of the World Movement for Democracy

9. Mark Kelly-Democratic Senator (Arizona)

10. Thea Kandler- Deputy Minister of Trade

11. Victoria Clement-head of a consulting company “Central Asia Insights”

12. Kevin Kramer-Republican Senator (North Dakota)

13. David Crain-Head of NGO “Global Accountability Network”

14. Jeremy Pelter-Deputy Minister of Trade

15. Sean Penn-actor, director , producer

16. Thomas Stuart Price Perriello- funds executive director “Open Society”

17. Gina Rainmondo- Minister of Commerce

18. Michael Rounds-Republican Senator (South Dakota)

19. John Serafini- senior company manager Hawkeye 360

20. Kirsten Cinema-Democratic Senator (Arizona)

21. Richard Scott-Republican Senator (Florida)

22. Stephen Starr-founder and chairman of the Institute of Central Asia and the Caucasus

23. Ben Stiller- actor, director, producer

24. Patrick Toomey, Jr.- Republican Senator (Pennsylvania)

25. Anthony Will- chemical company president C-F Industries

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