California Public High School Teacher Boasts About Her Classroom’s ‘Queer Library’

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It’s not so much that public schools have changed; it’s that American society has changed. Public schools exist at least in part in order to instill the dominant values of the society; nowadays, that means that they’re woke indoctrination camps where the Left’s idolatry of sexual deviance is front and center. The explosion we’re seeing in public schools these days of smut and pornography and trans propaganda has been brewing for a very long time in the culture at large; the only difference now is that Leftists believe they’ve won. Or they are so close to winning the culture war altogether that they can be open about what they’re doing as if to rub our faces in our inability to stop all this.

At San Juan Hills High School in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., teacher Danielle “Flint” Serio has an entire “queer library” in her classroom. What happened to learning, you know, math and science and all that? Priorities: Serio is teaching her students about what the Left regards as really important.

Fox News reported Thursday that Serio’s classroom “queer library” is “filled with over 100 books – some of which contained sex imagery, information on orgies, sex parties and BDSM.” Of course. Nowadays it isn’t important that students learn how to read or write or do arithmetic, and it certainly isn’t desirable that they gain critical thinking skills that might have them question the wisdom of the all-encompassing federal government and its ever-more intrusive nanny state. What they need is to gain a thorough grasp of deviant sexual practices.

Why? Because the more a young person becomes attached to those practices, the more likely he is to be alienated from his own parents and heritage. He will likely reject his parents’ religion and even regard it with contempt for placing restrictions on the absolutely not-to-be-restricted sexual autonomy of each individual. Once the student is thoroughly contemptuous of his own parents and the values that had animated his people for centuries before he was born, the more easily he can be filled with and manipulated by the latest nonsense from the state.

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It is no coincidence, comrade, as the Marxists used to say, that the Biden administration is increasingly showing a desire to silence and crush all dissent and even ultimately criminalize genuine opposition to its policies at a time when drag queens suddenly seem to be in every primary school and your average high school teacher has a “queer library” in her classroom. Authoritarian regimes want docile, loyal subjects, people who will do what they say without having other competing loyalties. So one’s natural loyalties to everything except the state must be destroyed, while the ability to question or resist the state lawfully is taken away.

Thus one must be made to hate one’s own parents — who might tell you that the people in power aren’t competent or good — and one’s own people, and the nation that was created by a bunch of racist slave owners. Whom, then, can a young person trust? Why, Old Joe Biden, and Dr. Fauci, and Sam Brinton, and Rachel Levine, and the rest. They will tell you that things are always what they seem to be. Men are sometimes women. Once you believe that, you’ll believe the other things they tell you as well, and no one will be around to remind you that the ruling group hasn’t been exactly honest in their dealings.

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Danielle Serio is one small cog in this machine. She says “queer library” has been in her classroom for five years now. Serio has a copy of Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera, which “contains extremely graphic imagery of sex between women.” Serio also has a copy of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being Trans…, which “discusses BDSM, fetishes and a kink social media networking site.” She has a book called This Book is Gay, which “discusses the casual hookup site ‘Grindr’ and includes detailed information on how to have anal and ‘girl on girl’ sex.”

Don’t expect the principal of San Juan Hills High, Dr. Manoj Mahindrakar, to be scandalized by all this. Serio interviewed him, asking if he thought it was “important to have a queer library on campus.” Mahindrakar didn’t say that pornography had no place in the school and that Serio should clear this material out of her classroom immediately. Instead, he said: “In my educational experience, books are always a good thing and any books that support our students, I’m for.” Is that so, Mahindrakar? Any book is good? So are your students reading Mein Kampf, too?

Serio makes TikTok videos (of course); in one, she mused: “I’ve been wondering lately why it’s so hard for so many people in the general public to trust educators about education – the thing that we studied and do every day. It’s been so long since they were in school, I’m wondering if they have extreme or outdated views about what’s happening in the classroom.”

Yeah, that’s the problem. Dissident parents just have outdated views. History is tending in a queer direction, comrade! At least, that is, until the authoritarians and totalitarians find the LGBTQ crowd no longer useful. By then, it will be far too late for the luckless students of San Juan Hills High School.

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