What does President Biden smell like? Democrat tweets that the president ‘smelled like the warmest cup of Cocoa on the perfect snowstorm night …’

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What does President Joe Biden smell like?

A self-described Democrat with the Twitter handle “@JoJoFromJerzshared a photograph of herself with Biden, and Jay Black, who describes himself on Twitter a comedian, screenwriter, and “Occasional MSNBC guy,” responded to the post by tweeting, “I’m guessing Biden smells like cedar, vanilla, and Aqua Velva. Can you confirm, Jo?”

Jo replied by tweeting, “He smelled like the warmest cup of Cocoa on the perfect snowstorm night when the cable is out and the lights flicker and your kids want you to play with them after not wanting that forever, and the house is abuzz with excitement & connectedness and love and nostalgia… like that.”

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In another tweet she wrote, “I guess my description of how Joe Biden smells triggered the Qrackhead snowflakes. (Confession: I had been drinking).”

The Newsweek article that she linked to in the tweet identifies her as Joanne Carducci, and a TikTok account indicates the same.

She also reshared the photo of herself with the president and remarked, “Sharing one more because it’s starting to feel like it was just a dream.”

Jo describes herself on Patreon as “a passionate anti-MAGA, a constant jokester and a lover of all things politics.” Her Patreon page indicates that she is “Creating snark and a community that destroys right-wing a**hole hypocrisy.”

Earlier this month, she tweeted, “I don’t have a Biden flag. Don’t have Biden pants, a Biden dress or a Biden cape. I don’t need to camp out in a field for 5 days eating questionable egg salad out of a cooler waiting for Biden to speak. I don’t do any of that s*** because I’m not an idiot & I’m not in a cult.”

A tweet pinned to the top of her Twitter page says, “Maybe someday, women in America will have as many rights as guns do.”

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