Think the Pro-Transgender Crowd Is in the Majority? Guess Again

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For quite some time, the transgender cult has been actively grooming vulnerable youth. Drag queens reading for young children, transgender closets in schools, graphic sex education, gender transformations for young children, and, of course, biological males being allowed to compete against biological females in sports despite their physical and biological advantages. But the left has gone all in on it, accusing you of being a bigot if you don’t think any of these are okay.

Last year, Will “Lia” Thomas, a biological male swimmer for UPenn, made headlines for crushing his competition in NCAA women’s swimming, sparking widespread outrage. After years of being a mediocre swimmer on the men’s team, Thomas identified as transgender, transitioned, and then started breaking records against his female teammates and tournament competitors. His teammates were afraid to speak out publicly against his participation.

But, while it seems the winds are blowing in the favor of the radical transgender movement, it turns out that Americans aren’t so warm and fuzzy about the transgender movement and its radical agenda. According to a new CRC Research poll, more than 60% of voters are less likely to support candidates who approve of men competing in women’s sports.

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According to the poll, approximately 49% of voters are “much less likely” and 13% of voters are “somewhat less likely” to vote for a candidate who supports biological men competing in women’s sports.

It should come as no surprise that Democrats are the party that is way out of step with the mainstream. While 86% of Republicans and 65% of independents oppose transgender athletes competing with the opposite sex, only 37% of Democrats reported that they were less likely to vote for a politician who supports trans athletes competing with the opposite sex.

I’ve long believed that the transgender movement is harmful to society as a whole, but especially to women. As it becomes more acceptable for men to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms, it violates the privacy and dignity of women and girls. And it turns out that most Americans agree. Fifty-seven percent of voters said they agreed that the transgender movement undermines “significant opportunities and essential protections for women.” Sixty-nine percent of Republican voters believe this, while only 45% of  Democrat voters believe it, too.

The Biden administration is also seeking to reinterpret Title IX to include gender identity, which would allow the federal government to deny schools federal aid if they don’t allow boys who “identify” as girls to play on girls’ sports teams or share their bathrooms and changing facilities.

Well, Biden is kidding himself if he thinks that this is a winning issue for him.

According to the poll, almost 63% of voters indicated that they disagree with Biden’s changes to Title IX, with 49% strongly disagreeing with the changes. Sixty-seven percent of independents oppose the changes, while only 41% of Democrats do.

Despite the way the media and Hollywood kowtow to the radical transgender movement, those of us who understand that biological sex still exists and can’t be changed are in the majority. We have to be willing to speak out and not be afraid of the extremely loud minority. If we allow ourselves to be bullied into submission, eventually, we won’t be in the majority anymore.

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