Why Can’t All Republicans Be More Like Ron DeSantis?

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The Republican Party has a serious problem in their pants. I’m starting to wonder if they have been visiting gender clinics for chemical castration injections. Do any of them have any testicular fortitude? Recently, I’ve been highlighting Republican-led states that appear to be folding to the woke gender theology being pushed by the hard left. They’re not even trying to stop it, and if they did they would delight their voters and win all day long. No one wants children experimented on by cultists who believe they can change a little boy to a little girl with experimental chemical castration drugs and body-destroying surgeries. The New York Times came out with a poll that says 70% of the entire voting public is against teaching gender theology in schools. That includes Democrats. So what is the excuse in Republican states—where the percentage of people against gender cultists taking over is closer to 100%—for not acting?

I find myself at a loss to understand why the Republicans in red states don’t stand up and say “GO POUND SAND!” like DeSantis does. This man is a savage beast who cannot be thrown off message. He is fearless. He is what we need.

“These very young kids are getting gender-affirming care,” he said at a press conference. “They don’t tell you what that is! They’re actually giving very young girls double mastectomies, they want to castrate these young boys—that’s wrong. And so we’ve stood up and said both from the health and the children well-being perspective you know, you don’t disfigure 10, 12, 13-year old kids based on gender dysphoria. 80% of it resolves anyways when they get older. I think these doctors need to get sued for what’s happening.”

What is stopping other Republican governors like Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma from being this awesome? Instead, Stitt is hiding and sending out platitudes through his press secretary, claiming to be against chemically castrating kids while planning to sign a bill to fund the people in his state doing it. But so far he hasn’t set foot in front of any cameras to get the people of his state informed and on his side. The legislature is getting ready to fund the Oklahoma University Children’s Hospital despite doctors there doing chemical castrations of children in their Roy G. Biv clinic. This is what the GOP stands for now—medically stunting child development and leading kids to a lifetime of being medical patients because they fear being called “bigots” by hostile media. And if you think that’s harsh, just know that this week I’ve heard a lot of “we don’t support that,” while those same people are not doing anything substantial to stop it. 

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And while a few of the Republicans in Oklahoma have said this is a bad idea and called for a special session to ban the practice statewide in a press conference—which wasn’t broadcast live anywhere because no one sent me a link to it even though I asked—the Oklahoma leadership and the governor are doing absolutely nothing. They won’t even pick up their phones. (An insider in the state capitol contacted me to say that staff members from leadership offices were running around the capitol handing out sticky notes with my number on it that said, “DO NOT ANSWER THIS CALL.”) How does it benefit Republicans to avoid the conservative press that usually supports them and gives them an outlet to get their messages out without hostile editing?

And as for the “good guys” who say they’re trying to do something, they failed to even send me a link so I could help them get their message out. Is there a Democrat alive who isn’t fully trained to alert all friendly media to their pet causes and have their message amplified? You have to work hard to be this bad at getting your message out there in 2022 when bypassing the press is as easy as pushing the “go live” button on any social media platform.

Can Ron DeSantis please stage an intervention?

Can we get DeSantis to go on a state-by-state tour giving pep talks to Republicans and teaching them how to be….well…more like him? Maybe he can organize a Republican weekend where they all go into the woods wimps and spend some time in a drum circle listening to Heavy D’s wisdom and come out men (or at least more manly)?

Republicans in Missouri and Kansas appear to have the same problem. Missouri’s governor is completely checked out and never responds to inquiries regarding well-known family court corruption–and now, I’ve found that Mercy Children’s Hospital also has a gender clinic where child sterilization and chemical castration is going on. The same thing is happening in Kansas. What is the point of voting for these “Republicans” if they allow the same things Democrats do and don’t see the absolute horror that is coming for everyone who didn’t try to stop the social contagion that is sucking kids into a gender cult? This is insanity.

These are Republican legislatures with Republican governors. There is no excuse for this. Is this what you voted for?  I am dangerously close to throwing up my hands and letting it all burn to the ground. What are we doing? Where are our principles? Where are our BALLS? 

I want to see every one of these Republicans forced into an intensive #TeamBalls therapy session with Governor DeSantis. Someone should film it and sell it to Netflix. Do not allow them to leave the room until they can look the rabid press in the eye and shout, “You’re WRONG! YOU’RE FAKE NEWS! YOU LIE! Call me whatever names you want, but the people of my state hired me to stand up for families and children and that’s what I’m going to do.”

If they don’t start fighting for conservative values in states they control, there will be no place left for any of us to run. The entire country will just become one giant blue hellscape where your child can be taken from you and castrated and all you get is the bill (see James Younger). And there will be no one to blame but Republicans who never fought for you and who took a nap during the biggest fight for parental rights we’ve ever seen.

Ron DeSantis cannot save the entire country by himself. He has his hands full with Florida. Why can’t the rest of you people who were elected to act on behalf of conservative voters just DO YOUR JOBS? 

A haiku to end this rant properly:

Stop! You ball-less twits

Find your will and stiffen spine.

Election coming. 

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