Florida Man Friday: The Heroes of Hurricane Ian

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Hurricane Ian was a massive Category 4 storm when it smacked right into Tampa and pointed north and south along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

It was the fifth-most powerful storm to make landfall on the continental US.

That didn’t leave Florida Man much time for his usual antics this week, but Ian gave untold numbers of Florida men and women the opportunity to step up and show the world what they’re made of.

Sure enough, they did.

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So let’s do something completely different on this week’s Heroes Edition of…

Florida Man Friday

Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Readers™ know my love of animals, particularly dogs.

So this week, we start with…

No Pet Left Behind

[embedded content]

Dog, cat rescued from sailboat as Ian rages on

During the #SnowBomb storm here on the Front Range a few years ago, we had what almost amounted to a Category 1 storm. Sixty mph sustained winds, with gusts of 80 mph or even higher. Admittedly, the snow and ice complicated things, but we also didn’t have any flooding.

We also didn’t have, needless to say, sustained winds of 130-156 mph like Hurricane Ian. I stepped out into those cold, snowy winds, just to see what it would be like. Sixty to seventy mph is enough to suck the air out of your lungs if you aren’t paying attention.

Imagine trudging through waist-deep water in 140 mph winds, rescuing a squirmy dog.

Florida Man, you are my new hero.

Rescued from the Rubble


Need a Lift?

[embedded content]

Sanibel Island rescues: Coast guard lifts people, pets off the island by chopper

When your town is temporarily transformed into a lake, the only way in or out might be by air.

Enter: The United States Coast Guard.

Exit: Some people and animals who thought they’d been trapped.

And Now for Some Context

I’ve seen some flash floods, but nothing like what a hurricane can do.

Hang Tight

Almost all of my outdoor experience is in rivers and on mountains. I’ve never been anywhere near a hurricane.

So that leaves me with a question that maybe one of my fine VIP supporters knows the answer to: Why the injunction against standing waters?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Just two more rescue videos for you to see. There’s no way for me to add anything, so just watch.

Hungry? We Can Help

Twitter user FN8tive reports:

We live directly [east] of Naples and were spared Ian‘s path. Our local Publix locations are sending team members to the West Coast to assist the Naples’ and Fort Myers’ communities. It’s amazing to see the support, love and humanity.

It is amazing. What’s more amazing still is how typical it is for Americans to step up when tragedy strikes.


Not every moment of need could be met by an act of heroism.

Floria will be recovering from its losses — human, more than material — for a long time.

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