This Huge Demographic Shift Could Benefit Republicans for Generations

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Many believe that Americans have been moving to the left on social issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, LGBT rights, etc., and that the GOP is simply out of touch and clinging to outdated Judeo-Christian values. However, Democrats have drastically overstated how radical the American public is on social issues, and that appears to have alienated a key demographic.

There has been a huge shift among conservative Hispanics away from the Democratic Party and toward the Republican Party. And, as Joe Biden might say, that’s not hyperbole. According to a recent NBC News/Telemundo poll, there has been a 65-point swing toward the Republicans among conservative Hispanics over the past decade.

“In the merged NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls of 2012, 49% of self-described conservative Latinos said they preferred Democratic control of Congress, versus 40% who wanted Republicans in charge — a 9-point edge for Democrats,” NBC News reports. “But in our Sept. 2022 NBC News/Telemundo poll, a whopping 73% of conservative Latinos say they prefer Republicans in control of Congress, versus 17% who prefer Democrats — a 56-point advantage for the GOP.”

You can see in the above graph that the Republican Party has made significant headway among conservative Hispanic voters since Barack Obama was president. It is likely that Obama’s radical social views alienated conservative Hispanic voters, and that this exodus of conservative Hispanic voters away from the Democrats has accelerated under the Biden administration.

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Despite the fact that Democrats spent years branding President Trump as a racist, his outreach helped bring back members of minority groups to the Republican Party. These efforts, when combined with Joe Biden’s ineptitude in the Oval Office, have been the greatest threat to the prospects of the Democrats in November and beyond. Earlier this year, an NRCC poll of 47 battleground districts found that “Hispanic voters are moving decisively away from Democrats.”

Other polls have measured a similar shift, with both Hispanic and black voters moving away from the Democrats.

While the Democrats fancy themselves to be the party of minorities, their radical social views and obsession with wokeness are pushing their once reliable voters to the more sane Republican Party. For example, the radical left has gone all in on embracing the made-up term Latinx—a term that most Hispanic and Latinos are actually offended by. According to a poll conducted by a Democratic firm called Bendixen & Amandi International, only 2% prefer the term, and a whopping 40% are actually offended by it. On top of that, the poll found that 30% of voters were “less likely to support” a politician or political organization that uses “Latinx” to refer to the Latin American community.

The minority vote is essential to the Democrats’ hopes of continuing to hold power, and the Republican Party has been trying for a long time, but with only limited success, to win over more minority voters. Democrats have long protected their virtual monopoly of the minority vote with never-ending accusations of racism against members of the Republican Party. But those accusations aren’t working so well anymore, and the Democrats’ incompetence and wokeness are driving minorities away from them.

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