What If CNN Reported On Abortion Laws From Babies’ Perspective?

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CNN’s New Day aired a segment this morning reporting on the impact of laws in various states restricting abortions. CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen’s report viewed the laws strictly from the pro-abortion perspective, bemoaning the absence of abortion clinics in 14 states, and the many abortions that could no longer occur there.

Said Cohen:

“In these 14 states, the Guttmacher Institute says there are no abortion providers—none [said as if that’s a tragedy.] Look at it another way, in 2020, in those 14 states, more than 125,000 women got abortions. So that’s the number, per year, more than 125,000 women are seeking abortions in those states and they’re not going to be able to get them.”

Imagine in CNN had seen the story from the pro-life perspective, that of the babies. It’s report might have said something like this:

“Thanks to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and to laws passed in 14 states restricting or banning abortions, 125,000 babies every year will now have a better chance of living. .” 

But, of course, CNN would never report the story that way. The liberal network reflexively views matters from a pro-abortion perspective, and laments the lack of abortion clinics in certain states.  The liberal media is incapable of imagining that there is any value in saving the life of unborn children. 

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Note: It wasn’t  just the correspondent’s report that reflected the network’s pro-abortion stance. Check out the graphic in the screencap [emphasis added]: “Clinics Across 14 States Have Stopped Abortion Care Post-Roe.”Elizabeth Cohen John Berman Bianna Golodryga CNN New Day 10-6-22

If CNN were neutrally reporting the facts, it would have simply described the clinics as having stopped “abortions.” Casting it as “abortion care” paints the killing of unborn babies in a caring, positive light.

If CNN had actually reported the story from a pro-life perspective, the graphic could have read: “Post-Roe, Hundreds of Thousands of Babies Saved From Abortion in 14 States.”

CNN’s New Day reporting strictly from a pro-abortion perspective on new state laws restricting abortions was sponsored in part by Abbott, maker or Pedialyte, CVS, and Jeep.   

New Day
6:08 am EDT

JOHN BERMAN: A new survey out this morning shows the consequences of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The decision triggered laws in several states banning or restricting abortions. Our senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen is with us. What do the numbers tell us, Elizabeth?

ELIZABETH COHEN: John, what the numbers tell us is that it is difficult, actually impossible, for women in 14 states to get abortions in their states. Let’s take a look at a map. In these 14 states, the Guttmacher Institute says there are no abortion providers—none. 

These are states that have banned or, sort of, nearly banned abortions. And in these 14 states, woman can, there are no more clinics that offer abortions. 

Now, when we look at it this way, look at it another way, in 2020, in those 14 states, more than 125,000 women got abortions. So that’s the number, per year, more than 125,000 women, are seeking abortions in those states and they’re not going to be able to get them. 

And John, that map doesn’t even include states like Ohio, or South Carolina, or Indiana, where they do also have total or near-total abortion bans but courts have stepped in. But it’s temporary. The courts could step back out and those bans would be back on there, John.

BERMAN: Interesting to see how quickly things like this develop. Elizabeth Cohen, thank you very much.

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