Another Ghastly Day In NYC: Thief Robs Dead Man Crushed Under Tractor Trailer


On Thursday, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer in Midtown Manhattan.

While the victim lay lifeless pinned underneath the truck,  a person approached the body and robbed him.

In a video of the disgusting act, a crowd can be heard cheering on the ghoulish act. “Come on!  Go ahead gangster!”

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From the New York Post:

A soulless thief pick-pocketed a dead man crushed by a truck in Manhattan — as ghoulish onlookers cheered her on, video obtained by The Post shows.

The woman was recorded apparently pick-pocketing the body of a pedestrian who had been crushed under a tractor-trailer in Midtown — and the sickening crime has left police unable to identify him or notify his family of his death, sources said.

The gruesome crash occurred as the victim, who police said was believed to be in his 50s, was crossing Eighth Avenue at West 44th Street around 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

Video shows the thief, wearing white pants and a black jacket, shimmying under the truck toward the dead man and smoothly reaching for his wallet.

Giddy onlookers — seemingly unbothered by the sight of the dead man — egged her on.

“Go ahead, gangsta! Go ahead!” one man says as he watches the roadway robbery unfold.

Stunned witnesses called the cops on the brazen burglar, but officers have been unable to apprehend the alleged perp, who is wanted for grand larceny, police sources said.

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