Biden Administration Doing Its Best to Start World War III


The Biden Administration is doing all it can to start a war with Russia.  

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Biden Administration has done all it can to get involved.

The U.S. has sent more than $54 billion to Ukraine since the war against Russia started, according to The New York Times in early August. The aid package can be broken down into multiple types of aid.

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  • Weapons and other supplies: $12.5 billion
  • Economic support: $9.4 billion
  • U.S. military deployments and intelligence: $9 billion
  • Food assistance, healthcare, and other aid: $7 billion
  • Military and security assistance: $6 billion
  • Grants and loans for military supplies: $4.7 billion
  • Migration and refugee assistance: $1.8 billion
  • Other foreign aid: $1.5 billion
  • Assistance for Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia: $1.1 billion
  • Administration for Children and Families: $0.9 billion
  • Diplomatic programs and other: $0.5 billion
  • Enforcing sanctions: $0.3 billion

Since August the US has sent even more aid.

There are a couple of challenges in sending aid to Ukraine.  For one, Americans have no idea where the money is really going.  How much money, for example, is landing in corrupt politician accounts?  We know the Bidens made millions in Ukraine, for example, during the Obama years.

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With Around $20 Billion in Aid to Ukraine – How Much Was Provided to Ukraine and How Much Went to “The Big Guy”?

The other big question that has yet to be answered is why does the US want to get involved in a war with Russia in the first place?  This is not to ignore the horror of war in Ukraine and Russia’s actions in it.  But Americans are not so eager to get involved in another war after what Biden did in giving Afghanistan over to the Taliban along with billions of US equipment, airfields, etc.

With so many material questions unanswered by the Biden Administration, it appears that this gang is moving forward with getting the US into the war.

The Conservative Treehouse writes:

In a statement today from the White House, Joe Biden has pledged “to continue providing Ukraine with the support needed to defend itself, including advanced air defense systems.” [link]  The statement comes as a result of a phone call between Biden and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Two days ago, a bridge between Russia and Crimea was bombed by Ukraine causing a section of the bridge to collapse.  Yesterday, Vladimir Putin retaliated with missile strikes against several cities in Ukraine and key infrastructure for energy.

The U.S. State Dept and CIA are continuing to lead and coordinate the Ukraine war effort with U.S. personnel in place to organize operations. [link]

Like the bombing of the Nordstream pipeline, it is highly likely the Kerch Strait bridge targeting was planned by Ukraine and the United States.  However, we are not permitted to speak about these coordinated efforts. The bottom line is the U.S. Biden administration going further toward direct engagement with Russia via the proxy state of Ukraine.

KYIV, Ukraine — President Vladimir V. Putin unleashed a far-reaching series of missile strikes against cities across Ukraine on Monday, hitting the heart of Kyiv and other areas far from the front line, in the broadest assault against civilians since the early days of Russia’s invasion.

Mr. Putin said the strikes on almost a dozen cities were retaliation for a blast that destroyed sections of a bridge linking Russia to the Crimean Peninsula, though they also seemed intended to appease hard-liners in Russia who had been openly critical over the prosecution of the war.

Denouncing the bombing of the Kremlin-built bridge, an embarrassing blow, as a “terrorist attack,” Mr. Putin threatened more strikes if Ukraine hit Russian targets again.

“No one should have any doubt about it,” he said. (read more)

God save this world from these horrible tyrants and politicians. 

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