Ivy League adds 2 new leftist majors: ESG and diversity, equity, and inclusion

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University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School recently announced the approval of two new leftist majors and concentrations offered to students – environmental, social, and governance factors for business, more commonly referred to as ESG, and “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

The concentrations were approved by the university’s Curriculum Innovation and Review Committee and announced in a September press release. The school believes the new curriculum will “prepare future leaders for the evolving global landscape.”

According to the announcement, the university decided to add the business majors after the student body expressed overwhelming interest in the areas of study. The new concentrations will be available to undergraduate and MBA students beginning in September 2023.

Deputy Dean Nancy Rothbard stated, “We are proud and delighted that Wharton will be offering these new concentrations and majors, supported by the School’s world-class evidence-based curriculum. We look forward to seeing what our graduates accomplish.”

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The university noted that its existing business, energy, environment, and sustainability major has seen significant enrollment and anticipates that students will be interested in further exploring the area of study by specializing in ESG.

Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship Lori Rosenkopf stated, “While the Management department has offered relevant coursework in this area for some time, we were delighted to create this new major for MBA students and new concentration for undergraduate students.”

The DEI major will focus on “issues such as equality and discrimination from an organizational content,” the university reported.

The University of Pennsylvania business school credited four faculty members with formalizing the new majors, all of whom have ties to the Democratic Party, the Daily Caller reported.

A spokesperson for the College Republicans at the university told the news outlet that the club is pleased overall that the school is adding new relevant programs and initiatives, even if members might disagree with the new majors.

“We are not defending the creation of such concentrations and may hold personal issues with socio-political developments within the areas of study as incorrect, discriminatory, and short-sighted,” the spokesman said. “However, our view is that classes relating to ESG and DEI address and educate students on many issues in corporate America and the government, where many students choose to work after graduation worldwide.”

The University of Pennsylvania did not respond to a request for comment, reported the Daily Caller.

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