ABC host asks expert about Democrats’ midterm chances — regrets it when smacked with HARSH reality

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On a recent episode of “The Rubin Report,” BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared a clip from ABC News’ “This Week,” in which senior national correspondent Terry Moran delivered some bad news about the Democrats’ chances in next month’s midterm elections.

“Less than a month to go [to the midterms] … the Democrats were feeling pretty hopeful about their chances. Do you still get that sense?” ABC host Martha Raddatz asked.

“Nope, I think the air went out of that balloon,” Moran answered without hesitation. “Look, the economy is so tough for so many people, food prices, rent spiking, if they’ve got retirement funds, those are evaporating … I just think the economic headwinds are tough and Biden is — he just doesn’t have the oomph as a candidate any more. People don’t really want him around, and he can’t really make his case, that I don’t think the Democrats are in any better place.”

Moran went on to explain why he believes people shouldn’t trust political opinion polls any more.

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“In this country, and in other countries, polls are broken, right?” he stated. “It is clear that lots of people on the right just don’t answer any more. They were worse in 2020 than they were in 2016. And so you look at those polls … if it’s close, it’s a Republican win.”

“That’s interesting because, you know, you don’t get a lot of good analysis obviously out of mainstream media,” Dave commented.

“The corporate press always wants to frame everything through, ‘How can we sort of save the Democrats?’ … but there’s Moran basically being like, ‘Look, the economy is so banged up. Biden doesn’t have oomph.’ Right? Like this thing is so screwed up,” he added.

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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