Crazed leftist agitators try (and fail) to stop Houston screening of Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is a Woman?’

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Despite having their event listing removed from Eventbrite earlier this week, the Young Conservatives of Texas at the University of Houston remained determined to host Matt Walsh on Thursday night and screen his “What Is a Woman?” documentary. The film examines the incoherence and perniciousness of leftist gender ideology. Although the conservative student group ultimately prevailed, they first had to deal with the mob of agitators that swarmed the venue, keen on achieving what Eventbrite was unable to do: shutting down the event.

Ahead of the screening, liberals on campus reportedly tore down posters advertising the event, while Antifa and other radical leftist groups disseminated flyers inciting others to mobilize “in protest against virulent transphobe Matt Walsh on Campus.”

Echoing accusations made elsewhere, groups like the Space City Anarchist Organization called Walsh, a father of four, a “bigot” and suggested his film is “transphobic.”

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Accusations of “transphobia” were repeated on Thursday by the transsexuality activists, leftists, and students gathered outside the venue. “Transphobia has go to go” and “trans rights are human rights” figured prominently in their chants, along with accusations of fascism, leveled at those trying to peacefully enter the building.

In June, Rolling Stone magazine similarly contended that “What Is a Woman?” is “transphobic,” calling it an “attempt to belittle an already targeted group of people.”

According to the Daily Wire, the film’s distributor, the chief concerns raised in Walsh’s documentary are reportedly:

  • the destruction of women’s sports by men claiming to be women;
  • the exploitation of transsexuality claims by sexual offenders to prey upon women;
  • the left’s use of censorship to advance a radical agenda, free from critique or analysis;
  • the denigration of women with neologisms like “birthing persons”;
  • the left’s attack on science with claims such as “having a penis doesn’t make one male”; and
  • the mutilation and sterilization of children by bad actors.

Walsh previously indicated that the left “will do whatever they can to make sure no one sees this movie. … They know their ideology is based on lies and their logic is hollow and premiering the movie to a massive online audience will not only be an utter embarrassment to them but will send a message that they will not win this battle.”

In the context of Walsh’s broader “battle,” Thursday night’s screening may have been only a skirmish, but both sides came out in full force.

The line of attendees waiting to watch the documentary was long, stretching down the block.

While attendees waited in line, members of the Houston Police Department took necessary precautions, anticipating leftist violence of the kind seen at past campus events.

Police removed loose bricks around the venue.

One masked agitator was apprehended inside the venue by police.

Mikel Moore, chapter chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas, told KRIV that his group thought it important “to continue to bring conservative content, conservative messaging, to the University of Houston.”

“This is an opportunity for students and members of the community to get a chance to see the movie, to understand it,” said Moore. “We believe this event, too, will ignite conversations around gender, around how we look at the issue, and can lead to some good dialogue.”

Masked agitators outside the venue sought to stifle that debate, going so far as trying to prevent attendees from entering the venue.

Despite the efforts of the mob, the venue was packed in time for the event. An estimated 400 people were in attendance.

Outside, protesters and counter-protesters exchanged verbal volleys.

Amid chants advocating transsexuality and condemning the event, some counter-protesters took to prayer. A handful of leftists appeared to shield themselves with umbrellas.

After the event, Houston police worked to ensure that attendees could safely leave the premises.

Here is a trailer for the documentary:

[embedded content]

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