The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 105: Muslims v. Groomers

News & Politics

What a week in the news! The Darrell Brooks trial is driving everyone mad over having to watch an idiot attempt to defend himself (very badly), the Parkland shooter sentencing recommendation is life in prison instead of death, and a holy war broke out in Dearborn, Mich. where Muslim fathers descended on a board meeting to tell groomers to get the porn out of the school libraries.

It’s been real. And on this episode, I take you to that meeting in Dearborn and let you hear some of the righteous anger that a group of devout, serious, professional fathers, whom none of their opponents can reasonably demonize (unless they want to be called racists), unleashed at the mad school board.

What will Merrick Garland do now to slander these parents? He can’t call them terrorists, now can he? Don’t miss my replay of the live coverage of this meeting here on Rumble. And don’t forget to download the app and subscribe to my channel. I’m ditching YouTube for the more friendly and independent platform that doesn’t police speech. It’s rowdy, and I love it.

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