Biden tries to blame Republicans for inflation. But facts quickly block his narrative.

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President Joe Biden tried to pre-blame Republicans for future inflation over the weekend. But his attempt to reimagine reality was quickly refuted.

What did Biden say?

In a tweet on Sunday, Biden claimed that the Republicans’ agenda includes exacerbating inflation.

“If Republicans in Congress get their way, prices will go up and inflation will get worse. It’s that simple,” Biden claimed without additional details.

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As Democrats are struggling to make inroads with voters who most care about economic issues, Biden is abdicating all responsibility for the inflation crisis.

For example, after the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that inflation is not improving but worsening, Biden launched a new attack on Republicans that claims their agenda is worse for the American economy.

“Republicans in Congress’ number one priority is repealing the Inflation Reduction Act. That’s the exact wrong thing to do in this moment,” Biden said on Thursday. “If Republicans take control of Congress, everyday costs will go up – not down.”

Biden also said on Thursday, “If Republicans win, inflation is going to get worse. It’s that simple.”

But what is the truth?

As the House Republican caucus pointed out, inflation has skyrocketed under Biden’s leadership — not under the Republicans’.

“This is a LIE. Biden & one-party Dem rule is responsible for America’s inflation crisis,” the House GOP said in response to Biden’s tweet.

“They have NO plan to fix it. When Biden took office inflation was at 1.4% today it is at 8.2%. It has skyrocketed because of their out-of-control spending to fuel their radical agenda,” the response added.

Under former President Donald Trump, the inflation rate remained relatively stable, hovering around the Federal Reserve’s benchmark rate of 2%.

But after Biden signed his COVID pandemic relief bill into law in March 2021, inflation began increasing sharply and has remained high since. Economists believe that bill overheated the economy.

Even the New York Times acknowledged on Sunday that “economists generally agree that the stimulus spending contributed to accelerating inflation” in a story detailing how Democrats on the campaign trail are not boasting about Biden’s stimulus package.

The Democrats’ refusal to talk about it on the campaign trail suggests they know voters connect Biden to the inflation crisis — and that connection means they could lose their elections.

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