Scientists say the earliest life form on Mars ‘probably’ destroyed itself through climate change. Probably?

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Have you heard about the push from the United States government for research into how to dim the sun? Yeah, they want to cool the Earth by reflecting sunlight away from Earth.

A new report from “Life Science” says the earliest known form of life on Mars “probably” destroyed itself through climate change. “Probably” is not a word you hear used much in science, Stu Burguiere noted on Friday’s episode of “Stu Does America.”

“What is interesting,” Stu said, “is how we have yet to prove that life ever existed on Mars. Scientists have theorized it, but we have yet to prove that little green or gray men, whichever is less racist, have ever inhabited Mars.” The life often mentioned is microbial, and according to some scientists, the greenhouse effect emitted by these microbes was caused, in theory, by the planet’s distance from the Sun.

Stu joked that life on Mars was destroyed because the microbes “evolved into a democratic governmental administration that decided to erect a giant mirror and direct the sunlight away from the planet, and ended up frying themselves in the process.”

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