The Kruiser Kabana Episode 198: HouseOfTheOneRingsOrSomething Prequelmania

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I just want to say up front that I have nothing against dragons. Woke people need not call me “dragonist.” I do have a real bias against prequels, however, even when it comes to franchises I enjoy.


This episode isn’t a review, it’s more of a rant. The original intent was to focus on prequels, but sequels ended up getting the verbal stink-eye from me too.

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Lest you think I’m just being a contrarian, I have been watching both House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power and enjoying them both. As is my wont, however, I can both enjoy something and be critical at the same time. You wouldn’t want me cheery all the time, would you?

Let me know in the comments where you are on prequelmania. Should it be criminalized or shall we soon expect an origin story featuring Scooby-Doo’s ancestors?


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