Watch comedian Alex Stein propose making iconic Big Tex mascot non-binary – real Texans aren’t having it whatsoever: ‘Are y’all f***ing crazy?’

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Comedian Alex Stein proposed the idea of transitioning the iconic Big Tex mascot to a non-binary figure, but Texans quashed the idea the moment it was uttered from his lips.

Stein appeared at the annual State Fair of Texas held at Fair Park in Dallas. The State Fair of Texas has been held since 1886, and for the last 70 years, the 55-foot-tall iconic mascot of Big Tex has stood over the festivities.

Conservative provocateur and BlazeTV personality Alex Stein dressed as a Biden supporter and ironically attempted to persuade people into signing a petition to turn the Big Tex mascot to a non-binary gender. Real Texans overwhelmingly and immediately rejected the woke premise.

Stein – ironically wearing a hat supporting President Joe Biden – asked one couple, “Do y’all think Big Tex should be transitioned to non-binary?”

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The bewildered man replied, “What the hell does that mean?”

Another man laughed at the proposal without giving a comment.

One man said, “Are y’all f***ing crazy?” He added that the “son of b***h on your hat hasn’t been good for America.”

Another fair attendee stated, “You know you guys are just barking up the wrong tree.”

One person declared, “I would hate that, honestly.”

Stein mockingly asked the few people who supported making Big Tex non-binary to name their “favorite gender” and their favorite COVID-19 vaccine to hypothetically inject into the mascot.

Many people simply laughed off the idea of making Big Tex non-binary.

At the end of the video, security for the State Fair of Texas are seen questioning Stein over his comedy skit.

In July, Alex Stein garnered headlines and millions of clicks after confronting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

BlazeTV podcaster Jason Whitlock interviewed Stein after the incident involving AOC.

More recently, Alex ‘Prime Time 99″ Stein trolled transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney – who was invited to the White House to interview President Joe Biden.

(WARNING: Adult language)

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