TV Personality and Reporter Megyn Kelly Reveals Older Sister Dies Suddenly from Heart Attack (VIDEO)


Former FOX News host Megyn Kelly shared the news on her podcast on Monday that her 58-year-old sister, Suzanne Crossley, had died suddenly on Friday from a heart attack.

Megyn Kelly started her show The Megyn Kelly Show on SiriusXM today by announcing that her sister had passed away over the weekend.

“Something really sad happened in my family over the weekend,” Kelly said.

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“My sister died. She was 58. Her name was Suzanne Crossley, and she died suddenly on Friday of a heart attack.”

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“She hasn’t been in very good health over the past couple of years. Like sort of one problem after another. So it was sudden and it was unexpected,” she added.

“I got news of it after the show, and went right up and was there with my mom and my brother Paul and my nephew Brian, one of her three kids, when she passed. So it was really hard, it was extremely emotional. My poor mom, as you all moms and dads out there know, this is not the order in which this is supposed to happen. So in any event, we were all together over the weekend. I’m going back up there after the show today, and she will have her funeral tomorrow.”

Watch the video below:

Kelly said that her sister’s death made her realize the value of family and friends.

“It’s just a reminder to hug the people you love, how short and tenuous life is, and how important it is to stay close to the people you love,” she said.

“How short and tenuous life is and how important it is to stay close to the people you love. You know, we can’t all be perfect on that front, but we can make a little effort day by day just to shoot a text or return a call. I’m not very good at that. So it’s a big reminder to me and just how fleeting things can be.”

Five days ago, Kelly faced backlash after she tweeted about the danger of COVID-19 to young children.

“A scary number of kids are dying after taking the Covid vax – from myocarditis among other injuries,” Kelly wrote.

“HOW DARE THE CDC ADD THIS TO ITS LIST OF SCHOOL VACCINATIONS? Don’t listen. Be v careful w/ your teenage boys in partic but girls too. These are not honest brokers. This is dangerous!”

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