‘I was with her at the end, holding her hand’: Megyn Kelly speaks about her sister who died last week

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Media personality Megyn Kelly, who recently revealed that her sister Suzanne passed away unexpectedly last week after a heart attack at the age of 58, spoke more about her late sibling, describing the woman as “a firecracker” who was “strong, funny, wise, but still vulnerable.”

Kelly noted that her sister had experienced health problems but that the underlying cause had been unclear.

“She saw specialist after specialist,” Kelly said. “Test after test and no diagnosis. She was rail thin and eating was tough,” Kelly noted, adding that during the past year, her sister had been in and out of the hospital. “She was released after a short stay just last month,” Kelly said. “And then came last Friday when my mom found her unresponsive.”

Kelly also said that her sister had previously been addicted to drugs, but later became sober. “She got swept up in the opioid crisis thanks to a doctor who told her a minor painkiller was not addictive,” Kelly explained, adding that eventually, her sister became “sober, and rebuilt her life.”

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Kelly lamented that she did not visit her sister earlier this year.

“She had suggested a visit in August. But we were too busy and I told her I couldn’t do it. How I wish I could have that one back,” she said mournfully.

“I was with her at the end, holding her hand,” Kelly said.

“How I wish I had nurtured our connection more recently. You get busy with your own stuff, focus on your job, your kids, your marriage,” she said. “You’re not expecting it to suddenly end. Not in your 50’s.”

“And I will keep reminding people, including myself, that life is too short. This whole thing is fleeting,” she said. “Make time for the visits. You never know if it could be the last.”

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Megyn Kelly’s Tribute to Her Sister, Suzanne, Who Passed Away Over the Weekend


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