Country music star Luke Bryan takes the high road in responding to liberals who tried to cancel him for raising money for Hurricane Ian victims with Ron DeSantis

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Country music star Luke Bryan welcomed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to a recent concert that raised money for disaster relief for the victims of the devastating Hurricane Ian. However, liberals suffered a shrieking meltdown over the duo collaborating to raise funds for disaster relief.

Bryan performed a concert at Jacksonville’s VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on Friday night.

“A couple of weeks ago, the state of Florida was hit with a tragic hurricane event,” Bryan told the audience. “We’ve been thinking about the state of Florida, and we’re gonna have some fun and raise some money tonight for the great state of Florida.”

Bryan introduced the surprise guest of DeSantis during the concert, and the Republican governor of Florida received a rousing applause from the crowd.

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DeSantis asked the crowd, “Are you excited to be in the free state of Florida?”

The concertgoers cheered in approval.

DeSantis interacted with the crowd about college football, and then urged them to vote in the midterm elections.

DeSantis then discussed the devastation Hurricane Ian inflicted on southwest Florida.

He encouraged the attendees to donate to the Florida Disaster Fund to assist victims of the brutal Category 4 hurricane.

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@Luke Bryan brings out governor @Ron DeSantis News 🇺🇸at his first ever sold out show in #Jaxfl

However, liberals launched a cancel culture offensive to punish Luke Bryan for having the governor of Florida at a concert to raise money for Hurricane Ian victims.

Dozens of leftists angrily lashed out and baselessly labeled Bryan a “Nazi,” a “racist,” a “homophobe,” and other derogatory insults. The liberals also attempted to cancel Bryan for raising money for hurricane victims, and vowed to never support the popular country music star.

Bryan addressed the alleged controversy on social media.

“I typically don’t respond to stuff when I’m getting run down on a social platform but here’s the deal,” Bryan began. “I understand Governor DeSantis is a very polarizing figure. But I grew up in a country where if a governor asks you if they can come and raise awareness to help victims of a natural disaster you help.”

“I’ve generally stayed out of politics throughout my career,” he continued. “I knew people would chatter about this but for me the more important piece was [if] I am going to come back there a few weeks after a large portion of people have been affected by a natural disaster in a state where people have been good to me this felt right.”

“Raise awareness, have a little fun between GA and FL college fans before the game and do what I love on stage,” he said. “This is all I am saying about this. I’ll be outdoors with my boys. Enjoy your Sunday. Love y’all.”

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