Elon Musk Questions Hillary Clinton in Epic Takedown Over Paul Pelosi’s Weird Late-Night Encounter With Nudist

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The media and the Democrats are in full collusion mode trying to convince everyone that the incident at Paul Pelosi’s house where a man attacked the Speaker of the House’s husband with a hammer is part of a vast Right Wing Conspiracy. They’ve spread their narrative that David DePape, a reported nudist and drug-addled weirdo, was a QAnon follower and far-right extremist.

No one really knows the story with this guy. It seems unlikely he was Ultra-MAGA living in a commie enclave like San Francisco with a gay flag in his yard and BLM signs and other leftist propaganda strewn about his unkempt yard. But maybe he did have some fringe political beliefs. That doesn’t mean that right-wingers are responsible for his crimes, as Democrats like Hillary Clinton are suggesting.

DePape’s ex-girlfriend was interviewed by Fox News, and she said he was never very political but if anything he was “progressive.”

Pressed about DePape’s political leanings, Taub said he had never been particularly involved.

“When I met him, he was only 20 years old , and he didn’t have any experience in politics, and he was very much in alignment with my views, and I’ve always been very progressive. I absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi,” she said.

The Los Angeles Times, however, claims the mostly homeless and drug-addled DePape maintained two blogs that peddled Q conspiracies. Their evidence for this is that DePape’s daughter said so. The Times did not offer expert forensic analysis of the blogs. It’s not hard to understand critics’ reluctance to believe that the man who attacked Pelosi a week before the midterm elections was a rabid right-winger. It’s just so convenient for Democrats. Maybe this happened. Maybe not. There’s certainly not enough evidence to convince me yet.

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DePape’s screeds included posts about QAnon, an unfounded theory that former President Trump is at war with a cabal of Satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring and control the world. In an Aug. 23 entry titled “Q,” DePape wrote: “Either Q is Trump himself or Q is the deepstate moles within Trumps inner circle.”

DePape’s daughter, Inti Gonzalez, told The Times that her father wrote the blog. She said that she and her mother were reeling from the news that DePape had been arrested in connection with the attack on Paul Pelosi.

Clinton tweeted, “The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories. It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.”

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Shortly after Clinton tweeted this out, Musk replied with a link to another article with equal amounts of unproven speculation that claimed Pelosi’s encounter might have been the consensual gay kind that went awry. “There is a tiny possibility that there’s more to this story than meets the eye,” the new owner of Twitter wrote.

The article Musk linked floated the theory that Pelosi was cruising gay bars and may have picked up DePape at one of them and headed home after closing time, which is 2 a.m. Keep in mind that Pelosi plead guilty to a DUI accident in August. He is having personal issues.

The article Musk linked was from a gossip site called the Santa Monica Observer.

According to SFPD “RP [Reporting Person] stated that there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David, and that he is a friend,” the dispatch official said. “RP sounded somewhat confused.”

It’s been a rumor for years in SF that Paul Pelosi is gay. David Depape is said to be a Castro Nudist. “The lunatic who allegedly assaulted Paul Pelosi is a Berkeley resident and a ‘Former Castro Nudist Protester’ and hemp ‘jewelry maker’ …sounds totally MAGA Republican to me. 🤣🤣” this from Twitter.

Ok, so here’s the theory, as related to me by a source: “Castro Nudists are a group of really radical gay male prostitutes that parade around naked with c–k rings. First of all, the Police did not come in response to an alarm. They came in response to a “wellness check”. So someone called them to check on Pelosi.”

“When he didn’t answer the phone, the cops broke the sliding glass door to get in. Pelosi was struggling with the suspect, who was in his underwear.

Musk later deleted his tweet for unknown reasons. But the irony is worth discussing. Clinton linked an article in the Los Angeles Times that was full of speculation and unverified claims. It wasn’t much different than the one in the Santa Monica Observer. As long as we’re all speculating, why not have fun with it? #PelosiGayLover was trending on Twitter all night. This story really is odd, and until we get the bodycam footage and the security tapes from the Pelosi house we aren’t going to know what happened. Until then, the gay lover theory is every bit as valid as the “assassination attempt” on Nancy, who wasn’t even home at the time.

How did DePape get past security? Or are we to believe that Nancy Pelosi, who is third in line for the presidency, doesn’t have security? Were both men in their underwear as originally reported? Who was the third person who answered the door and let the police in? There are too many questions about this story to just accept what Big Media is selling.

I’m sorry Musk deleted his tweet. The narrative should be questioned, even if it’s in shocking ways. Big Media should not be given any respect or treated any differently than gossip tabloids because that’s exactly how they behave. The Observer‘s article had as much evidence in it as the Times report did. If the Times isn’t going to wait for facts before going forward with its theories, which are intended to hurt innocent people with conservative beliefs, why should anyone else?

We all hope that Pelosi recovers from his injuries and gets the help he needs for the alcohol problems that led to his recent arrest and five-day incarceration. Maybe this latest event is linked to his spiraling personal life, and maybe it isn’t. But it should be plainly obvious that using this incident to harm a political party a week before the election is the most unsavory thing about it.

In case you missed it, here’s dashcam footage of Pelosi being arrested for driving drunk.

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