Cook Political Report Shifts Ten More Races In Favor Of Republicans


The political forecasters at the Cook Political Report have just shifted ten more races in favor of Republicans.

That doesn’t mean that they automatically expect the Republican in each of these races to win, mind you.

It means in some cases that the race has moved from Solid Dem to Leans Dem, or to Toss Up.

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It’s still great news for Republicans.

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The Washington Examiner reports:

Ten more House races shift in GOP’s favor, including in California and New York

Ten more House seats in reliably blue districts have been shifted in the GOP’s favor just one week ahead of Election Day, spelling trouble for Democrats in areas where President Joe Biden cruised to victory in 2020.

Two seats in New York and one in California have been moved from leaning Democratic to now being deemed toss-ups, giving Republicans hope for extra pickup opportunities as they seek to gain control of the House for the next two years. Additionally, a toss-up race in Oregon has been updated to lean Republican, according to the latest ratings from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

“I’ve never seen an election where the signs are this divergent and … lumpy,” a veteran Democratic strategist familiar with polling in several races told the outlet. “It’s less nationalized than we’re accustomed to, and there’s more weakness in the blue end of the battlefield.”

Another five races have been shifted from being “likely Democratic” to “lean Democratic” and one House race in New York has moved from being “solid Democrat” to “likely Democrat.”

The updated ratings set the stage for a number of upsets in areas where Democrats were once predicted to win easily but now face tough challenges from their Republican opponents.

You can see more details below:

Most analysts agree that Republicans are going to retake the House.

The only question now is the margin.

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