Barack Obama Downplays Inflation in Desperate Last-Minute Pitch to Pennsylvania Voters (VIDEO)


Former president Barack Obama on Saturday campaigned for Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman in Pittsburgh.

Fetterman held a rally in Schenley Plaza in Pittsburgh.

Barack Obama joined Fetterman in a last minute pitch to Pennsylvania voters.

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Fetterman’s rally got a rough start.

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The American flags behind Fetterman fell down as he struggled to speak.


The American flags blew over after Fetterman trashed Trump and introduced Barack Obama as “sedition free.”


Obama is a total has been.

Voters, especially young voters who don’t remember his 2008 presidential run, don’t care about what he has to say.

The Democrats are so desperate that they pulled Obama from the depths to barnstorm with less than a week to go until Election Day.

Obama downplayed inflation and soaring gas prices in a desperate last-minute pitch to voters.

“I understand democracy may not seem like a top priority right now when gas and grocery prices are high… We’ve seen throughout history what happens when you give up on democracy. We can see it in other countries where gov’t tells you what books you can read,” Obama said.

What a pathetic man.


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