WHAT’S GOING ON? New Mexico Secretary of State Site Shows 16 Million Registered Voters Drop Overnight


What’s going on at the Secretary of State website in New Mexico?

Yesterday when you went to the Secretary of State’s website in New Mexico you could see that over 17 million people were reported as registered in the state.  This had been showing for days.

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The problem is there are only 2.1 million people who live in the state.  This reporting of registered citizens is very odd when its nearly 8 times the number of citizens in the state.

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Today, the Secretary of State’s site changed and is now showing 1.36 million individuals registered in the state.  What is going on with this site?

With so much sensitivity in the election process throughout the country after the stolen 2022 election, many concerned citizens across the country are very concerned with any issues that might indicate fraud in this election.

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