Kyle Rittenhouse, Catturd, and Libs of TikTok get blue verification badges as Elon Musk rolls out new $7.99 per month Twitter Blue subscription

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Twitter has started rolling out the option to pay $7.99 per month to get a blue verification badge, a move that comes not long after billionaire Elon Musk announced a plan to offer the badges for $8 per month.

The accounts of Kyle Rittenhouse, Libs of TikTok, and Catturd now bear the blue badges.

“Thank you @elonmusk!” Rittenhouse tweeted.

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“My $8 investment into getting to witness liberal meltdowns has paid off. Best $8 I ever spent!” Libs of TikTok tweeted.

“Seriously, how bad is this going to trigger the Left?” Catturd tweeted. “I can’t stop laughing.”

Last week, Musk referred to the organization’s previous “lords & peasants system” for obtaining the badges as “bulls**t,” adding, “Power to the people! Blue for $8/month.”

Currently, the new version of Twitter Blue is only available to users in certain countries who use Apple’s iOS, though Musk has said that the plan is to eventually expand the offering to other platforms and nations.

“Rollout of new verified Blue is intentionally limited just to iOS in a few countries with very little promotion. As we iron out issues, we will expand worldwide on all platforms,” Musk tweeted. “In days to come, we’ll add granularity to verified badge, such as organizational affiliation & ID verification,” he wrote.

“The new Twitter Blue is currently available for in-app purchase on iOS only in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, with plans to expand,” Twitter notes. “New Twitter accounts created on or after November 9, 2022 will not be able to sign up for Twitter Blue at this time.”

“The definition of Verification and the accompanying blue checkmark is changing. Until now, Twitter used the blue checkmark to indicate active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that Twitter had independently verified based on certain requirements,” the company says. “Now the blue checkmark may mean two different things: either that an account was verified under the previous verification criteria (active, notable, and authentic), or that the account has an active subscription to Twitter Blue. Accounts that receive the blue checkmark as part of a Twitter Blue subscription will not undergo review to confirm that they meet the active, notable and authentic criteria that was used in the previous process.”

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