Liberal Media Discovers It’s Safe to Report on Crime Now

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People are leaving the windows and trunks of their cars open in San Francisco to prevent criminals looking to steal something from breaking the windows. In New York City, people are afraid to ride the subway, and female joggers are at a high risk of being sexually assaulted.

Crime is a big problem in liberal-run cities nationwide. In fact, the New York Times recently reported on a brutal rape that occurred in a West Village park. “How a Sex Attack Suspect Slipped Past the N.Y.P.D. and Struck Again,” read the headline.

The article went into detail about Carl Phanor, a homeless man with a shocking 25 past offenses, who was finally apprehended on November 3 after police had been searching for him in connection with two previous attacks.

A woman out jogging was brutally attacked; she was choked until she passed out, then knocked to the ground, raped, and robbed in a park that is widely considered to be safe. The incident occurred just days before the midterm elections, but the New York Times didn’t get around to covering it until Friday… three days after Election Day.

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Well, that’s convenient. The truth is that anyone who only follows the liberal media probably didn’t hear much about it before Election Day. Why not? Because covering such stories before such a consequential election threatened to support the narrative that Democrats are weak on crime.

Oh, but maybe it just took a few days to get all the facts?

Nope, that excuse doesn’t fly. As the New York Post noted, it reported on the incident the following day. “Readers could ignore it, but at least they had the option; at the Times, editors apparently thought it best not to let readers know at all,” the New York Post editorial board observed. “Remember, Gov. Kathy Hochul had claimed New York’s crime surge was just a conspiracy theory spread by ‘media manipulators.’ The rape story (along with countless other terrifying incidents) might shatter that claim.”

The liberal media clearly knew what it was doing. Politico acknowledged that the crime issue “did gangbusters in New York, where a tabloid drumbeat of chaos resonated with voters out in the city’s suburbs, helping the GOP claim one open New York House seat and wrest three more from Democratic control.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin only lost his gubernatorial bid against incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul by less than six points — an impressive showing, considering Gov. Andrew Cuomo won reelection in 2018 by more than 23 points.

Politico noted that the crime issue failed to excite voters in states like Pennsylvania and California because it was easier to avoid the issue in those states. Politico all but blames the New York Post, which it lovingly characterized as New York City’s “rightwing tabloid and storied chronicler of blood and guts,” for helping the GOP make historic gains in the Empire State.

After crying foul over the Post stooping to the terrible low of reporting on crime in the city, Politico did admit that “Indeed, major crime is up 29 percent in New York City over last year — having risen since 2020,” but then spent several paragraphs trying to explain how crime is being exaggerated. Because, of course.

But make no mistake about it, now that the midterms are over, the liberal media feels safe reporting on the news again.

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