California Parents Outraged Over Elementary School’s New After School Satan Club


After school “Satan Clubs” are popping up all over the United States and parents are fighting back.

This time, parents in Bakersfield, California are expressing outrage after the Satanic Temple set up shop in Tehachapi’s Golden Hills Elementary School.

“The “After School Satan Club” will begin monthly meetings in December.

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Paul Hicks, the leader of the Satan Club, said schools need clubs like his to counter the Christian-based clubs.

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Parents told local outlet KBAK that they will not allow their children to attend the meetings.

“Tehachapi said yes, and I think they made a mistake. I know my grandson will not be a part of this club,” a grandparent to a 1st grader told KBAK.

KBAK/KBFX reported:

Tehachapi’s Golden Hills Elementary School is getting a new after school club, but it’s not your typical dance or photography club.

Instead, they’ll be getting the “After School Satan Club,” sponsored by the Satanic Temple and Reason Alliance.

Still, many guardians of students at Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi are upset about the introduction of the ASSC, and said it doesn’t belong in schools.

“I think it’s disgusting, I understand the school has to allow them because they allow other after school programs such as the good news, which is a Christian based after school program, that one I’m okay with, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want their child to attend this Satanic group,” said Sheila Knight, grandparent to a 5th grader at Golden Hills.

The Tehachapi Unified School District said in a statement that by law, they can’t discriminate against groups wanting to use their facilities based on a viewpoint, despite not endorsing any groups that host after school events on the property.

Despite this, some guardians still think it was the wrong choice.

Paul Hicks will be the leader for the new Tehachapi After School Satan Club, and is also a critical thinking professor.

He said Christian based clubs like the Good News Club is one reason why they think schools need the After School Satan Club.

“There’s currently a Good News Club there which is teaching kids to go save souls for Jesus, at the school. We want to give an alternative point of view,” said Hicks.

Satan is after our children. Pray for this nation.

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