Firefighters dump thousands of gallons of water battling blaze as Tesla burns to smithereens

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Firefighters recently ran through thousands of gallons of water as a Tesla electric car burned in the state of Pennsylvania earlier this week.

Morris Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 posted photos of the inferno and the aftermath, noting that around 12,000 gallons of water were used.

“In total approximately 12,000 gallons of water was utilzed. To give you an idea of the severity, crews can normally extinguish a fully involved vehicle fire with approximately 500 gallons or less,” the fire company said in a Facebook post. “Due to the lithium ion battery on the vehicle, extinguishing this fire would require additional tankers as the vehicle would continue to reignite and burn fierce at times. In total it took crews nearly two hours of continually applying water on the vehicle as the battery would begin to reignite and hold high temperatures,” the post noted. “This vehicle burnt so hot and long that if it was not for the rims you might not even of know it was a vehicle.”

Other fire companies were also involved in the response.

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“Multiple tanker trucks were requested to keep the batteries cool after the fire was extinguished. A large amount of water is needed for this type of fire, to ensure the batteries stay cool and do not reignite,” the Columbia Volunteer Fire Company noted on Facebook.

WTAJ reported that a couple that had been in the Tesla Model S was not harmed. The outlet reported that according to the couple’s daughter, there had been debris in the road. The outlet said that the vehicle began smoking after the debris got beneath the car, and after the people had exited the vehicle, it caught fire. The couple and their dog were unscathed.

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Incredible photos show unidentifiable Tesla after Pennsylvania highway fire

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