The Kruiser Kabana Episdode 202: Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel Joins Me From Maricopa County to Talk About the Hot Mess

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Conservatives all over America are still feeling the sting of last week’s midterm debacle, but those of us in Arizona are experiencing extra suffering in an embarrassing spotlight.

Put mildly, things did not go smoothly here last week.


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I’m joined by my good friend and Editor in Chief Jon Gabriel to assess the mess. Jon is a fellow Arizonan who lives in a place you may have heard of: Maricopa County. He’s got his finger on the pulse of what’s going in Republican politics in this state much more than I do. We hadn’t spoken about the election yet until we recorded this.

Teaser: we aren’t as “gloom and doom” as you might think. Oh, we’re not happy, but we’re not throwing in our towels yet either.


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