Water Works! Blue Checks Fawn Over Pelosi’s ‘Success’

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Boo hoo!

Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that she will not seek reelection as the Democratic House Leader. Though essentially Pelosi was forced to step down due to the fact that Republicans took back the house and she’ll be 127 yrs old any day now, Hollywood celebs and blue check elitists used the opportunity to fawn over her success in office.

Singer Barbara Streisend claimed that the world is going to miss having Pelosi as our speaker … I guess I’m not part of this world then.

Actress, Alyssa Milano, claimed that Pelosi was an inspiration for young girls … LOL.

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None other than former White House Press Secretary claimed that nobody has “hustled” as “tirelessly” as Pelosi did. Perhaps she’s referencing all the scripts of Donald Trump’s that she ripped up.

President of the National Education Association — yes the same group who thinks it should have more jurisdiction over students than their actual parents — called Pelosi a “legend.” She also claimed she led with “tenacity and grace.”

And Florida’s NOT governor, Charlie Crist also made with the silly superlatives.

The hashtags #ThankYouMadamSpeaker and #ThankYouSpeakerPelosi also began trending on twitter in honor of her exit.

Legacy media also praised Pelosi likening her to an “icon,” “legendary,” and “the most important” speaker “in American history.” Eat it, Henry Clay!

The fact that blue checks praise Pelosi’s every movement and motive is honestly, embarrassing.

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