Supreme Court rules against Trump, upholds order to turn over his taxes to House Democrats

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The Supreme Court denied a request from attorneys for former President Donald Trump to block an order to have the IRS turn over his tax returns to a U.S. House committee investigating his business dealings.

There were no dissents noted in the order issued Tuesday.

Trump had been fighting the request from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, a Democrat from Massachusetts, first made in 2019. On October 31, Trump filed an emergency request for the Supreme Court to block the order from a lower court to have the taxes released.

The former president’s attorneys had argued that turning over his taxes was an unconstitutional breach of the separation of powers. They also argued that the request for the taxes was politically motivated and overbroad.

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“We knew the strength of our case, we stayed the course, followed the advice of counsel, and finally, our case has been affirmed by the highest court in the land,” Neal said after the ruling.

The Treasury Department will make six years of tax returns available to the committee.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California responded to the ruling with a brief statement.

“The House looks forward to promptly receiving and reviewing these documents,” she said in part.

“These documents are vital to meeting the House’s Constitutional mandate: guarding the public interest, defending our national security and holding our public officials to account,” she claimed.

Pelosi will pass the gavel of the House speaker to her Republican successor after Democrats narrowly lost control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the midterm elections in November.

The Supreme Court is comprised of six justices considered conservative and only three considered liberal, with three conservatives having been appointed by Trump.

Here’s more about the Supreme Court ruling:

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Supreme Court allows release of Trump’s tax records to Congress | LiveNOW from FOX

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