Ecuador facing disciplinary action over homophobic chants against Chile during its World Cup opening game against Qatar

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FIFA, the World Cup governing body, began a disciplinary investigation into homophobic chants made by Ecuadorian fans against a country unrelated to the country they were competing against in the opening game.

The chants were made during Ecuador’s game against Qatar at Al Bayt Stadium on Sunday. Ecuadorian fans chanted, “Anyone who doesn’t jump is a Chilean [homophobic insult]” in Spanish.

Ecuador went on to beat Qatar in a score of 2-0.

It was the first time in World Cup that a country hosting the World Cup lost its opening game.

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The Ecuadorians mocked Chile because the country is not competing in the World Cup and filed a lawsuit to take Ecuador’s place at the international soccer games. They also chanted, “Chile can watch it on television.”

The Football Federation of Chile demanded that FIFA disqualify Ecuador over one of its players allegedly using a false passport and birth certificate to play. Chileans filed a formal appeal in July after FIFA refused to change what teams would go to the contest. Later, it elected to punish Ecuador with a points reduction for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Byron Castillo, the player accused of being ineligible to play, is also not playing on the World Cup team.

Ecuadorian fans also humorously chanted “we want beer!” in Spanish during the game to protest Qatar banning alcohol sales during the games in accordance with Islamic religious regulations. Only alcohol-free Bud Zero is being sold at games.

FIFA is also investigating homophobic chants made by fans of Mexico, who are famous for their politically incorrect chants. They have previously been punished with game forfeiture and also with games being played without their fans.

The Mexican team tied Poland in a scoreless game.

Here’s more about the Ecuadorian chants:

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Ecuador fans erupt in “We want beer” chants during opening match against Qatar

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