Tucker Carlson asked BlazeTV’s Jason Whitlock to break down why Apple is threatening to remove Twitter from its app store

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Tucker Carlson believes that Elon Musk has ascended to the infamous place that Saddam Hussein once occupied for merely wanting his social media platform to be a free speech platform.

But Apple has threatened to remove Twitter from its app store if Musk continues to allow free speech on its platform.

Tucker Carlson credited “Fearless” host Jason Whitlock for his relentless focus on the question of social media and its prominent role in information delivery.

As the media machine barrels toward Musk, Tucker wanted to know what crime the new Twitter CEO is guilty of committing.

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According to Jason, for decades, Twitter and other social media platforms have used algorithms to control public discourse in an attempt to control what people think and do.

“Our thoughts become our beliefs,” Jason said.

“People who fear facts are dangerous,” Tucker added. Video below.

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