Tom Hanks is selling coffee for a good cause

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A-list actor Tom Hanks is selling coffee for a good cause: He has founded Hanx for Our Troops, which will donate all of its profits to benefit veterans and their families.

“At Hanx, we’re on a mission to create goods that do good. We honor the patriotism and service of our Veterans and their families by giving 100% of our profits to organizations who provide them with critical support and resources,” according to the Hanx website.

“Beyond our operational upkeep and necessary business expenses, all earnings (profits) will go towards a community of trusted organizations that provide support to Veterans and their families,” the website states. “As a storyteller, Tom has dedicated much of his career to telling stories about the American Military. He founded Hanx to honor, celebrate, and support those who have dedicated their lives to American freedom.”

The actor has been a major movie star for decades, appearing in films such as “Big,” “Forrest Gump,” and “Cast Away.” He is also the voice of the character Woody in the animated “Toy Story” movies.

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“We saw HANX as a way to support Veterans and military families, as 100% of the profits go to organizations that have proven to be of great aid to those who have served our country. Good products for good reason,” the actor said in a statement on the Hanx website.

“A Confession: I gotta have coffee a few times a day, but it has to be good coffee, made my way, and WHY NOT have my needs serve a good cause???” Hanks said in an Instagram post. “Pour yourself a cup o’H*A*N*X. It’s good coffee.”

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