‘Unwoke With Kevin and Kruiser #54: Disney’s Minor Woke-ectomy and Superheroes of Yore

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It is difficult to describe how happy Kevin and I were to have something other than the midterm elections to talk about this week. Since the podcast is called “Unwoke,” we thought we’d examine what being too woke did to Disney, one of the most powerful brands in America. We got around to talking about what wokeness has done to the superhero genre.


I read a lot of comic books when I was a kid and I like my superheroes to be able to kick a little ass. There’s no need to see the softer side of The Hulk.

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Anyway, we explore whether a woke reckoning may be on its way for other corporations. And because we tend to meander, we somehow got around to talking about betting on football.

As always, we finish with “D*****bag of the Week Not Named Joe Biden” and “The Thing That Didn’t Suck.”

It’s all about the happy endings with us.


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