‘Don’t make me kill you — because I will’: Military vet holds armed police chase suspect at gunpoint until cops arrive

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A military veteran held an armed police chase suspect at gunpoint earlier this week in College Park, Georgia, until cops arrived and told the alleged perp, “Don’t make me kill you — because I will,” WAGA-TV reported.

What happened?

Security cameras at Feeding GA Families — a food bank — caught the moment Monday evening when a volunteer rushed into the break room and told manager William Joyner that someone had just crossed through the parking lot with a gun, the station said.

Image source: WAGA-TV video screenshot

Joyner is an Army veteran, and he knew exactly what to do, WAGA said.

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The station said he grabbed his gun, chambered it, and went outside.

Image source: WAGA-TV video screenshot

It wasn’t long before he caught up to individual in question.

“I told him to go to the ground, the police are on their way — ‘just go to your knees with your hands up,'” Joyner recounted to WAGA.

Image source: WAGA-TV video screenshot

Joyner said the suspect — later identified by police as 20-year-old Jordan Shelley — refused to show him one of his hands, the station reported.

Image source: WAGA-TV video screenshot

“The whole time his hand was sliding down toward the gun,” Joyner explained to WAGA. “I was telling him, ‘Don’t make me kill you, because I will.'”

Fortunately a College Park police officer arrived on the scene before things escalated further, the station said.

What else do we know?

Police told WAGA that Shelley — as well as 21-year-old James Green — fled from police in a stolen car on Roosevelt Highway just before 5 p.m. Monday.

They wrecked the vehicle near Herschel Road, taking out a bus stop in the process, the station said.

Officers quickly got Green, WAGA said, but Shelley took off across train tracks on to West Point Avenue and then into Feeding GA Families’ parking lot.

Shelley and Green both face obstruction charges while Green also was charged with theft and criminal damage to property, the station said.

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