The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 110: Shocking New Details of Government Incompetence in Ohio Rape Case

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The news cycle has been insane and because of it, I’m behind and overwhelmed. But I’m holding in my hot little hands new information on the Ohio rape case that the left tried to use as a political hammer to beat conservatives with after the fall of Roe. When it turned out that their plan failed because of a few questions about vetting, the left went wild and started a war. Abortionist Caitlin Bernard has now sued Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita. And Rokita has filed an official complaint to launch an investigation into Bernard, claiming that she violated her patient’s privacy and failed to do her duty to protect the child from being returned to her abuser.

I’ve got court transcripts, and you won’t believe what the Ohio judge revealed. This is never-heard-before, never-reported-before exclusive information.

And what about child services? Remember how they wouldn’t tell us if the child had been taken into protective custody when it was discovered she was pregnant? I think I know why. Tune in here or click below.

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