Ex-cop who allegedly killed man on mobility scooter to have manslaughter charge reconsidered by grand jury

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A former Tucson police officer will have the manslaughter indictment against him reconsidered by a grand jury after a judge determined that prosecutors had unintentionally misled the grand jury in the initial proceedings.

The case against ex-police officer Ryan Remington traces back to an incident that occurred in November 2021 while he was working off-duty on security detail at an area Walmart. During his shift on November 19, an unnamed Walmart employee reported to Remington that 61-year-old Richard Lee Richards had stolen a toolbox from the store and then brandished a knife at him when the employee demanded that Richards show him a receipt.

“Here’s your receipt,” Richards reportedly said as he flashed his knife. Remington reportedly saw the suspect wield the knife as well.

The employee and Remington followed Richards into the parking lot. Richards, who had recently broken his hip, was riding on a battery-charged mobility scooter.

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The Walmart parking lot where the incident took place adjoins the parking lot of a Lowe’s home improvement store. Richards continued to weave through the parking lot while Remington and the employee kept pace. When Richards made a move to enter the Lowe’s, Remington demanded that Richards stop and surrender the knife.

“If you want me to put down the knife, you’re going to have to shoot me,” Richards retorted, according to the Walmart employee. Richards then continued moving toward the Lowe’s entryway.

At that point, Remington reportedly fired nine rounds at Richards, who died within minutes. It is unclear whether Remington’s service weapon was used in the incident. Officer Stephanie Taylor joined Remington to assist just moments before the shooting. She did not discharge her weapon.

The following video contains Walmart surveillance and police bodycam footage of the incident. Warning: The contents are extremely graphic.

[embedded content]Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting man from behindyoutu.be

In January, Remington was dismissed from the department by Tucson Chief of Police Chad Kasmar for excessive use of force and was then indicted by a grand jury on a manslaughter charge in August.

However, the case will be heard again by a grand jury after Pima County Superior Court Judge Danelle Liwski determined that prosecutors unwittingly used misleading statements in their report to the original grand jury four months ago, Remington’s attorney, Mike Storie, claimed.

Prosecutors have disputed that they made any erroneous or misleading statements and claimed that the jury received a full and factual account in August, Fox News reported.

Remington has pled not guilty to the manslaughter charge and is scheduled to appear in court again sometime next month.

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