Saira Rao suggests that people who are ‘colorblind’ on the issue of race are actually racist

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Saira Rao has suggested that people who are “colorblind” when it comes to the issue of race are actually being racist.

“If you are colorblind, you don’t see race. If you don’t see race, you don’t see racism. If you don’t see racism, you are not actively anti-racist. If you are not actively anti-racist, you are racist. It is not complicated,” Rao tweeted.

Rao, the co-author of the book “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better,” has previously claimed that seeing the American flag makes her want to puke.

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“This country is a racist transphobic homophobic xenophobic ableist classist Islamophobic misogynistic dumpster fire. As such, seeing the American flag makes me want to vomit,” Rao tweeted in June.

She has also previously suggested that all Republicans are Nazis.

“If you are a Republican, you are a Nazi. If you are married to, dating or friends with a Republican, you are married to, dating or friends with a Nazi,” Rao tweeted in September.

Rao is a cofounder of Race2Dinner. “Race2Dinner Experiences require white women to participate in very direct, exceedingly difficult conversations,” according to the Race2Dinner website. “There is no better place for honest conversation than at the dinner table. After three years, we can safely say that breaking bread together helps to facilitate conversations around white supremacy, racism and xenophobia.”

During an appearance on “Dr. Phil,” Rao accused another guest of being racist, telling the woman that if she does not see race, that means that she fails to see racism and upholds racism.

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