Oklahoma High School Goes Full Cover-up Mode After Trans Bathroom Attack

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As two Loudoun County, Va., school officials face indictment and criminal charges for covering up the rape of two female students by a trans-identifying male student in two schools in the district, another trans-identifying male has been charged with assault for beating up two females, this time in the Edmond Memorial High School girls’ bathroom in Oklahoma. Instead of coming clean to the parents and the community, the school, the police, and the local media have kept the assault off everyone’s radar until a parent broke the story on a blog this week. The fallout is highlighting what looks like a massive coverup.

The incident occurred in October, but residents and parents in Edmond just found out about it this week. Heavily redacted police records obtained by PJ Media read like a puzzle, but it’s clear that the trans-identifying student is male and the police went out of their way to cover that up by redacting pronouns or using she/her to refer to the male student. They even redacted what they found on the male student’s birth certificate, obviously blanking out the word “male” so the press could not discover the truth.

PJ Media submitted another request asking for a properly redacted report that only redacts the names of minors. Edmond police responded with a new police report with even more redactions. In the email to PJ Media, police claimed to cite an Oklahoma statute. That statute had over 300 pages, which I studiously combed through looking for redaction rules. I didn’t find any. When I asked the police to point out specifically what in that statute allows them to do this I was, given a different statute.

That statute specifically says, “An arrestee description, including the name, date of birth, address, race, sex, physical description, and occupation of the arrestee” will be made available to the public. When that was pointed out to the police, the response was, “The only portion of the law that says we must release demographic information refers to an arrestee. In this case, no arrests were made.” Police charged the alleged perpetrator by issuing a summons, and he is charged with one count of disorderly conduct and one count of assault and battery. Edmond police would not answer why the perpetrator of a violent crime was not arrested. Was it specifically to hide information on the report from the public?

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Police claim the boy is a minor. The age of maturity according to the state statute police cited is 16. Some parents who PJ Media spoke to believe the boy is 17. Police would not answer how old the boy actually is but continued to call him a minor. If he is 17, the law says they must release his information unredacted. PJ Media spoke to other law enforcement outside the state of Oklahoma who said redacting the sex of a juvenile is not usual at all. Juvenile offenders have a right to have their identity protected but not their age or sex according to the law enforcement we spoke to.

Fitting the redacted pieces of the report together tells a harrowing story. Jenni White of Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment (ROPE) broke the story.

October 26th of this year, at 8:14 am police were called to Edmond Memorial High School after an incident in a girls’ bathroom that left a student with an, “injury to ( ) eye, face and head with possible concussion” according to page 5 of the police report filed with the Edmond Police Department embedded below.  [Ellipses ( ) indicate redacted information.]

In fact, the incident was so significant, the testimony of the school nurse as reported by the officer on scene states, “student’s left side of face is swollen, left eye lid swollen, complains of headache, dizziness, blurry vision, denies any nausea.  ( ) complains neck pain and ice pack applied and urge medical attention” (pg 5)

Recently, the police report for this incident was obtained by ROPE from the Edmond Police Department.  Filed police reports are available to the public at large, however in this case, names and gender information have been redacted – most probably because the victim and assailant are under the age of 18

In one of the witness statements, a female student said, “[REDACTED] told [REDACTED] to leave her alone and to stop looking at [REDACTED] and then they started screaming at each other and then [REDACTED threw] the first hit then basically jumped on [REDACTED] started swinging.”

The witness continued to say that she jumped in to save the victim’s life because “[REDACTED] is a man then I tried to jump in [REDACTED] also hit [REDACTED] from what I saw kicked [REDACTED] in the head and the back 2 times and then we pulled [REDACTED] up and [REDACTED] collapsed and then the principal walked in.”

It is very difficult to read the police records because of the redactions and the complete absence of punctuation in the written witness statements. One thing is very clear: Edmond High School should spend less time pandering to LGBTQWTFery cult demands and more time improving their students’ writing skills.

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PJ Media spoke to Michael Grande, who ran for the Edmond school board recently. He said Edmond School District refuses to follow the law even though its own policy claims that only same-sex students may use multiple-use bathrooms together. When Grande ran for the school board, he said that bathroom use was the parents’ biggest concern. “A lot of the people I talked to, that was the number one issue that they had,” he said. “They knew that these boys are going in the girls’ bathrooms all the way down to middle school here in Edmond. It’s happening in middle school!”

It appears that the high school is also violating Oklahoma state law, which Governor Stitt signed in May of 2022. CNN reported:

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on Wednesday signed into law a bill that requires students at public schools and public charter schools to use restrooms and locker rooms that match the sex listed on their birth certificates.

The law specifically applies to students in pre-K through 12th grade at public and public charter schools in the state. Transgender students who decline to use the restroom required under the measure would have to use “a single-occupancy restroom or changing room” provided by the school.

Grande sent a FOIA request to the School District when he heard about the assault. “The school district emailed me back and they said they can’t provide me any information involved but they said there was an assault in the girls’ bathroom.” But Grande obtained the police report that said differently.

PJ Media spoke with several parents of students who are enrolled in the school and some who have graduated who said no one in the community was aware that this violent event had happened that ended in criminal charges for the trans-identifying male student. But the Edmond school did put the campus on lockdown recently for police action nearby that didn’t have anything to do with the school, and no students were harmed or involved. In that case, the district sent out two exhaustive emails to all parents telling them every detail of the event that happened near the campus.

But in the bathroom attack that seriously injured two students inside the school building, it is reported that not even fellow students or teachers knew about it. No mass emails went out. Grande sent inquiries to the administration by email and was told that the parties involved were notified and no one else.

When Grande sent more emails asking why the school didn’t notify the parents, the cover-up continued.

Not only did the school hide assaults from parents, but Grande says they put a new rule in place to charge huge fees to parents seeking information last year. “They actually put in a policy at the school board to charge exorbitant amounts of money to look up records. One of the last record requests I had was asking about open records requests and they were going to charge me $750 to look up some open records requests. I mean it’s just unbelievable.”

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The cover-up continued in the local media. Wendy Suares of Fox 25 claimed this story didn’t meet the “threshold” for news.

Grande says the school began to clash with parents over the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We saw what our kids were actually reading in the library books,” said Grande. “We saw things in their curriculum that we didn’t necessarily agree with. So we started asking questions. The first thing was the library book issue and the lockdown and the school closures and [online schedules] and forced masking. All of that really started parents on fire with just being completely disregarded and disrespected.”

Grande’s experience is the same as so many parents in this nation who found themselves completely blindsided by the exercise of raw power that officials wielded during a national emergency. “Our wishes to parent our kids and to direct their healthcare were at stake,” he continued, echoing the concerns of parents everywhere. “We were challenging the library books. We just wanted basic informed consent as to the language and the sexuality and just the overall sexual tones in the books.”

But Grande says that when the school attempted to require vaccine passports, parents lawyered up and went nuclear. “If you were contact-traced as a child in Edmond public schools and you were not vaccinated, you had a mandatory quarantine. And we had kids with back to back to back to back quarantine! We as parents got together and we said, ‘Hey, you’re violating the civil rights of our kids’, and we sued them and won that lawsuit.

The school appealed the suit and is currently awaiting the appeal process. But Edmond Public Schools has been at war with the parents in the district for a long time. This latest assault on the parental right to know about violence inside the school could be the spark that lights the next war. Grande says the next school board meeting is coming up in January, but he expects the board to shut down public comment time.

The Edmond school board only allows a total of 15 minutes for public comment at each board meeting. But Grande says that if there are only one or two parents who show up to speak, they don’t get the full 15 minutes but are limited to two minutes each. If one hundred parents showed up to speak, they would only get 15 minutes to split between all speakers.

Strict public comment policies that are often illegal are a common tactic of bad school boards to keep the public from alerting the community to crimes within the districts. We all remember what the school board in Virginia did to the Loudoun County rape victim’s father.

Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of this developing story.

Editor’s note: a quote from Grande was corrected due to a transcription error.

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