Predators Are Exploiting Transgender-friendly Policies and the Left Doesn’t Care

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The left doesn’t want you to know this, but sexual predators are exploiting transgender-friendly policies, enabling them to victimize countless women and girls, all in the name of “dignity” and “respect” for transgender people.

The transgender cult has become so powerful that states are even kowtowing to sexual predators who claim to be transgender in order to get themselves placed amongst other women (read: potential victims).

Earlier this year, a man claiming to be transgender was incarcerated at a women’s prison in New Jersey, where he ultimately impregnated two female inmates.

And yes, they absolutely know what they’re doing. A man who was convicted of raping a young child was not only secretly relocated to a women’s prison in Washington state, but he is also apparently bragging to other inmates that, despite being publicly transgender, he still considers himself to be “a man.”

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Brett David Sonia, who also goes by the name Brooke Lyn Sonia, was found guilty of dozens of sexual abuse charges against a young girl in 2005 and 2006, reports Reduxx. He met a 13-year-old girl for the first time in Dover, N.H., where he began sexually abusing her and photographing the abuse. He later took the girl to Los Angeles County, Calif., where the abuse continued. He reportedly groomed her by convincing her he could help her become a model.

“In 2005, he was convicted of 20 combined counts of committing a lewd act upon a child and possessing child pornography in Los Angeles County, California,” Reduxx reported. “The next year, he was convicted in Strafford County, New Hampshire, on charges of repeatedly raping the young girl and photographing the assaults. Many of the crime’s details were considered so graphic they were deemed ‘not fit for print.’”

The rapist began identifying as transgender in 2015, and after spending years in male correctional facilities, complained he wasn’t getting access to gender-affirming care. Sonia made a complaint in July 2020, stating that he was in danger of “male aggression” in the Airway Heights Correctional Center and asking to be moved to a women’s facility. The next year, a court document identified him as “a vulnerable, transgender female inmate” who challenged the New Hampshire Department of Corrections because his transfer to an “unsuitable” Washington facility violated his Eighth Amendment rights. His complaints worked, and he was secretly moved to a women’s prison, where he has since bragged that he really identifies as a man.

“He was saying that he’s both… Identifies as a man sometimes, and a woman sometimes,” a family member of an inmate explained to Reduxx. “I know he looks like a regular middle-aged man with glasses. My relative says he doesn’t look trans at all. His mannerisms are manly, no makeup, nothing to suggest he’s trans… Then another individual approached my relative and informed her that Sonia is identifying as a man. She also said at least one woman is terrified and uses a buddy system to visit the bathroom. She always brings a friend.”

Sonia is not the only male in the facility, but according to the source, the more recent “transgender” inmates “don’t even try to be like women.” And why would they? The state is so terrified of being branded as bigots that they are willing to overlook objective reality. The message communicated to women is that they cannot feel safe anywhere if the transgender cult has corrupted their state government.

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