Intruder fires shots as he enters residence, kicks his way into bedroom and shoots again. But man in bedroom also has a gun — and a much better aim.

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An intruder fired shots as he entered an Alabama residence earlier this week — and fired more shots as he kicked in a bedroom door, law enforcement officials told the NorthWest Alabamian.

But a man inside the bedroom also had a gun and shot the intruder dead, authorities added to the paper.

What are the details?

The Sheriff’s Office of Winston County said the home invasion took place Tuesday off County Road 21 in the Poplar Springs area, which is about an hour northwest of Birmingham, and two men were part of it.

Jason Wayne Smith, 40, of Jasper was the first to approach the residence, and he used a gun to hit a male on the porch in the eye, sheriff’s officials told the paper, after which Smith entered the home while firing the gun.

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Another male was inside a bedroom with his girlfriend, and he armed himself, authorities told the paper.

When Smith kicked his way into the bedroom door and began shooting again, the male inside the bedroom fired five shots, three of which struck Smith, who fell backward into the hallway area, authorities added to the paper.

A second intruder — Donald Webb Jr., 27, of Jasper — approached the residence behind Smith, picked up the male Smith hit with the gun, and forced him into the house, authorities told the paper.

When Webb — who was not believed to be armed — saw Smith lying on the floor, Webb fled the residence and left the scene in a vehicle, authorities told the paper.

What happened next?

Authorities found Smith dead, the paper said.

The Sheriff’s Office of Winston County noted that with the help of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, leads were followed, and they were able to find the second suspect.

Webb was charged with first-degree robbery taken to the Winston County Jail, the paper said, adding that other charges may be brought against him. After posting a $30,000 bond, Webb was released, authorities told the paper.

The Sheriff’s Office of Winston County said the resident who shot and killed the intruder has not been charged.

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