No soup for you: Americans in need being turned away from homeless shelters as they fill up with Biden’s illegal migrants

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In the days leading up to Christmas, struggling Americans who need a warm place of shelter have nowhere to go because fake president Joe Biden is filling up all the homeless shelters with illegal migrants.

There is only so much room at the inn, and Biden has decided that Americans should be the ones left out in the cold while he rolls out the red carpet for invaders from south of the border who believe they are entitled to this country’s scarce resources for the poor.

Since August, according to John Martin, deputy director at El Paso’s Opportunity Center for the Homeless, the group’s five shelters have been overloaded with migrants who are being released by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas’ “easy migration” policies.

“The numbers are so high that many migrants cannot find seats in departing buses and aircraft,” reported The Wall Street Journal.

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Martin says that prior to Biden, the Opportunity Center’s five shelters primarily focused on the city’s local homeless population. Now, they mostly serve are shelters for illegals who under prior administrations would have been sent back to the places from whence they came.

“Our ideal capacity is 85,” Martin said, noting that right now there are about 129 people being housed – and nearly all of them are migrants.

At another nearby men’s shelter, about 60 percent of the 200 men currently there are migrants. That space was only intended to house about 100 to 120 people comfortably. (Related: The government is now starting to call these people “climate migrants” to push more “green” propaganda.)


You know a country is broken when its leaders serve the interests of outsiders over their own people

Even some of the migrants throughout El Paso can no longer find space at local homeless shelters because they are already all full and overflowing with other migrants. This has meant that many of them are having to sleep outside in the cold.

This is especially bad news for them as a major winter storm, Elliot, is about to come plunging down from the Arctic. Below-zero temperatures will be seen all across the Midwest and South, including in Texas where the migrant problem is out of control.

To be clear, everyone needs a place to stay. Local homeless are not “better” than illegal migrants in terms of their humanity. What we are saying is that in the United States, the number-one priority should be Americans, not illegal invaders who do not even belong here in the first place.

The fact that illegals are supplanting “legals,” so to speak, shows just how little the Biden regime cares about Americans. It would rather cater to people from elsewhere and give them top priority, which is just wrong.

Similar problems are being reported in Kansas City, Mo., Denver, Chicago, and elsewhere. Homeless shelters are overflowing with illegals while local street dwellers in need have nowhere to go and nobody who cares about them and their survival.

Keep in mind that many of the shelters spilling over with migrants are paid for by taxpayers. This means that Americans are paying to displace other Americans from homeless shelters in order to replace them with illegal aliens – how long can a country last that functions like this?

“Jesus said it is wrong to treat foreigners better than your own countrymen,” wrote one commenter, along with the words of Jesus Himself in Mark 7:27 which reads:

“Feed your children first because it’s wrong to take bread away from children and throw it to dogs.”

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