The Trans Agenda Is the Hill Virginia Democrats Want to Die On

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In what seems like the blink of an eye, the Democratic Party has become beholden to the transgender cult and is aggressively imposing its radical leftist gender theory on the rest of us — particularly young, impressionable children.

Various Republican governors have been taking up the fight against the groomers targeting kids. But while most Americans think that the transgender cult has gone too far, Democrats are fighting back.

In Virginia, Democrats are seeking to remove the use of separate facilities for males and females at public schools, and to protect schools that conceal information about students who “identify” as transgender from their parents.

Democrats on the state legislature’s rules commission rejected Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s plan to protect parental rights in education. Youngkin wanted to require school administrators and teachers to obtain permission from parents before using different names or pronouns for students, and to preserve single-sex sports teams, locker rooms, and bathrooms.

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It appears that these Democrats have forgotten that the topic of parental rights in education was the reason why Glenn Youngkin was elected governor. Terry McAuliffe, Youngkin’s opponent, grossly misjudged the significance of parental rights in education and saw his once substantial lead in the polls dwindle before Youngkin ultimately prevailed. Polls have shown that most voters oppose indoctrinating children with transgender ideology and critical race theory — including many Democrat voters. When it comes to defending children, parental instincts take precedence over party loyalty.

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Nonetheless, Virginia Democrats voted to block Youngkin’s transgender policies — and even wanted to make it illegal for parents not to use their child’s preferred pronouns or chosen name.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the commission’s vote was mostly a formality. The Virginia Department of Education is responsible for finalizing Youngkin’s proposed model policy, which was introduced in September and doesn’t require approval from the legislature.

The state Education Department is now examining over 71,000 public comments prior to the announcement of the final version of the policy by the state superintendent.

“Children do not belong to the state,” Education Secretary Aimee Guidera said Monday in testimony supporting Youngkin’s policy. “They belong to families.”

Unfortunately, radical left-wing Democrats do believe children belong to the state. They undermine the family any opportunity they get. It’s amazing they haven’t learned a thing from Youngkin’s surprise victory last year. I guess they still don’t realize was how extreme their ideas are, and have decided that abolishing single-sex spaces and undermining parental rights is the hill they want to die on.

Most Americans want to keep their kids safe from harm and bad people. Even though Democrats don’t, that doesn’t mean the rest of us will just give up. Politics haven’t changed in Virginia in the past year, but people who care more about their families than their state helped Youngkin win in the blue state. If Virginia Democrats didn’t learn to change their ways from Youngkin’s victory, then they will never stop until they destroy recognition of biological reality and the family unit for good.

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