MUST SEE VIDEO: The RNC Is a Racketeering Enterprise and Controlled Opposition


Mitch McConnell and the US Senate Republicans are controlled opposition.

The RNC is controlled opposition. They mooched off Trump for six years while at the same time distancing themselves from Trump and his voters.

They have no plan to win elections.

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The RNC does not even believe the Democrats are committing election fraud.

TRENDING: WATCH LIVE FROM MARICOPA COUNTY COURT ROOM: Kari Lake’s Historic Trial on Election Interference DAY TWO – Begins at 8:30 AM MST

And when 60% of the election centers in Maricopa County had machines that broke down on Election Day the RNC was packing their bags to get out of town.

The national GOP left Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Abe Hamedah and Mark Finchum to fend for themselves.

Mike Lindell later agreed to fund Kari Lake’s election challenge.

The RNC was AWOL.

In fact, here is what we got from our contacts in the GOP after the Arizona midterm election. This was after the RNC had already packed their bags and left the state:

“Ronna believes they exhausted their opportunities in the Governor’s race but not the AG’s race due to the delta of 16.5 thousand votes.”


It was patriot Mike Lindell who agreed to fund Kari Lake’s election challenge.

This video says it all about the RNC and Ronna McDaniel. It’s time to move beyond this organization. They have outlived their usefulness. The country is near collapse under the the Democrat-Socialist America haters. It’s time to move on.

Via Midnight Rider.

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